The listless quest of the infinite jest. Two drink minimum.

My Token Robin Williams Piece

It seems like everyone feels entitled to have their moment in the sun when it comes to sharing in the universal grief that is the death of Robin Williams. Everyone wants to stand up and be heard, because when we feel that someone has earned our respect, we want the world to know it. It’s a good thing!

However, in the grief and pain and solemnity of the death of Robin Williams, a few people feel the need to talk about suicide. I don’t really think it’s deserving of being addressed. But, since everyone seems to think it’s this elephant in the room that we’re all ignoring, then what the hell? Let’s dish.

Let me go pour another cocktail and we can talk. You and me. Man to screen to ephemeral nether to wiring to cloud to you. Not because you owe it to me, or I owe it to the memory of a cherished celebrity I’ve never met. But because I have something to say that I think you should hear.

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Dan Saves Community College

Special guest and friend of the show Marcus O. Vaughn decides to stop by and help Dan figure out the problems with the purgatory of higher education— community college. Along the way we discuss whale oil cars, whether Moby Dick took place in Boston, and regale the audience with stories of how Dan broke a tie in Las Vegas! Also included are a special education-themed edition of “Question Time,” and new friend of the show Ol’ Dirty Bastard drops by for his financial planning segment called, “Baby I Got Your Money.”

Another New Episode!

Dan Himself - Got Your Money

ODB comes to you LIVE on the Dan Saves the World podcast with his brand new segment about financial planning, called “Baby I Got Your Money.” New stock tips, hints, and areas where the SEC won’t catch you breaking the law! Check it out and then make sure to download the new Dan Saves the World pocast on iTunes or Stitcher!

“Because my life is dope and I do dope shit!”

—   Kanye West when asked by a friend why he was watching Dave Chappelle edit sketches for his show when he was on it.

Dan Saves Sports Talk

In this episode, our hero tries to reason with sports fans out there about how to become better fans and less like sports trolls. On top of that, we have more Question Time and a new segment: Stupid Stuff Dan Has Purchased!

Another New Episode!

Dan Himself - ESPN 30 for 30: Sports

ESPN has decided to sponsor my Dan Saves the World podcast! I’m so pumped! This is the commercial that they sent me to play during my podcast, to help them promo one of their new 30 for 30 specials coming up!

On Oreos...


Have you tried the new Reese's Peanut Butter Oreos yet?


Do you think there's any scenario on Earth in which I haven't tried EVERY flavor of Oreo there is?

“The plan was to drink until the pain over, but what’s worse? The pain or the hangover?”

—   Kanye West, “Dark Fantasy”

“I just feel like good things always happen at Taco Bell.”

—   My sister, who may be the David Foster Wallace of white trash.
Dan Saves the World - Iraq PSA

Here’s a PSA that I had to create after my most recent episode of the Dan Saves the World Podcast. In case you were wondering what kind of experience you can look forward to…