The listless quest of the infinite jest. Two drink minimum.

Yeah. I miss Chicago.


This is a promo track I put together for my podcast- JayBee and Dan Save the World. You should totally check it out if you haven’t yet. You can find it on iTunes or at

I miss this shit.

Wednesday Night

*My sister walks in*


"Sooo... drinking alone?"




"What you watchin?"


"A Walk to Remember."


"Sooo... you're drinking alone and watching A Walk To Remember?"


"Well... when you put it like that."

This is how a beer makes me feel.

Pink ass polo and a fucking backpack, but everybody knows who brought real rap back


Kanye West

Charity Case

If your idea of charitable works involves standing in an intersection, wearing a vest with some dumb catch phrase on it, and brow-beating drivers for not giving you the $.38 from their console (underneath the stale fry and empty gum wrappers,) then you’re a terrible person.

I know a lot of this push for charity is done because religious people think  Jesus will like them better if they pretend to give a shit about those who are less fortunate. But I don’t think this is what Jeezy (nickname, him and I go way back) had in mind. If that’s what he wanted, he would have a solid push on wearing dumb vests in traffic while other people are giving to charity. It wouldn’t talk about charitable works, but self righteous panhandling. (I know you might not realize it, but those were intended to be different things.)

And that’s the thing. They’re only the middle man in the whole “give to charity” game to begin with. They don’t generate the money; we do. They just serve as a conduit to deliver our money to other entities.

How about, next time you go strap on that vest, you just, you know, go do real work. Go to McDonalds and get shat on for 8 hours because the coffee beans aren’t from a country that opposes Monsanto. Then take your hard earned money, every pay day, and give it over. If you need some motivation, I’ll be more than happy to come give you dirty looks and hold up your commute if you so much as think that the money you earned might be better off with you.

I’ll even wear a vest.

Sure, I put a pedobear on my car, but it was done ironically. Like, aren’t all cars raping something? Like the earth? Or lungs? Or children?
No? Not children? Oh, ok. Well, that’s good to know then.
America trash, fuck yeah!
For the most part I didn’t particularly love high school football. The yelling, the screaming, the blood, the tears, the pain. But there were moments when it all came together. When grace was found in chaos, peace in violence… there were moments.

This commercial makes them wash over me. The camaraderie. The spirit. The passion. The rage. The tension. The pride.
And then finally, when the air could hold the moment no more,
when the pads could no longer keep their silence,
and the muscles could no longer hold in place.
The pause.
The heartbeat.

The snap.

“In this game, the lessons in your eyes to see. Though things change, the future’s still inside of me. We must remember that tomorrow comes after the dark, so you will always be in my heart with unconditional love.”

—   Tupac Shakur, “Unconditional Love.”